What are stretch marks?

Egerie Deleo

Stretch marks are skin lesions that appear when the elastic fibres are under too much tension. Stretch marks are red when they first appear, and white when they have been present for longer.

Egerie Deleo


of men suffer from stretch marks during puberty

50 to 70%

of women have stretch marks during pregnancy


of women have stretch marks their entire life

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Who suffers from stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear in women when the skin has been weakened or subjected to strong tension such as during pregnancy or weight gain.In men, the apparition of stretch marks is less common, however may happen in case of considerable weight gain or fast muscular mass gain.

How are stretch marks treated?

A photobiomodulation with medical LED lamp session can significantly improve stretch marks (reduction of depth and wrinkled effect) and repigmentation. To treat stretch marks, it is strongly advised to prepare the skin with a derma-roller to perform a superficial abrasion.It is also possible to apply creams and lotions to allow the skin to remoisturise and regain some elasticity to prevent new stretch marks from appearing.

Patient se faisant traiter par Deleo

Recommended technology
to treat stretch marks

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This technology allows effective and non-invasive treatments for results that are visible from the first session and that last in the long term!

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The innovative LED technology "Light Emitting Diodes" is a safe and effective alternative to heavy and invasive surgical methods.

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