What is laser blepharoplasty?

Egerie Deleo

Laser blepharoplasty uses laser technology instead of surgery. The aim of this practice is the same as that of classic blepharoplasty: to achieve aesthetic and functional normality on the eyelids.

Egerie Deleo

Eyelid surgery

is the 2nd most performed plastic surgery operation in 2019 in France.


Laser 100% made in France

3 sessions

separated by one month (upper eyelid)


Treatment of drooping eyelids

3 sessions separated by one month

Photos : ©Dr DELORME

Aperçu avant traitements Deleo Aperçu après traitements Deleo
Patient se faisant traiter par Deleo

Laser blepharoplasty, a therapeutic innovation!

Even if eyelid surgery remains the reference treatment, medical blepharoplasty is most often performed by fractionated C02 laser or plasma technology, a demand that is growing rapidly. Indeed, the non-invasive techniques offered in aesthetic medicine better meet the expectations of today's patients, who are increasingly informed and demanding, and are also procedures favoured by doctors.

How does it work?

Its mode of action is based on the emission of laser microbeams with a wavelength of 1550 nm, creating a multitude of coagulation micro-wells of 70 μm in diameter.

This technique leads to a biostimulation phenomenon: the micro-heating channels activate the cell renewal process while limiting thermal diffusion, preserving the epidermis by respecting intervals of healthy skin.

The side effects are thus reduced. Denser collagen is newly synthesised around the channels. The dermis is remodelled in depth by the new collagen and elastin fibres and this helps to restore the tissue's long-term tension.

The result is a progressive retraction of the skin in the weeks following the treatment and an improvement in the quality of the skin.

Patient se faisant traiter par Deleo


Machine de traitements Deleo
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This technology allows effective and non-invasive treatments for results that are visible from the first session and that last in the long term!

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