We tested Cristal Skin

We tested Cristal Skin, the technique that smoothes the skin in 30 minutes through BODY-LAYERING® to reshape your body  Read online

This brand new bipolar radiofrequency system, which promises to gently tighten the skin of the face and body, is very intriguing. Our test and feedback on Deleo’s Cristal Skin technique.

This multipolar radio frequency technique is non-invasive, painless, comfortable and more precise. Based on the emission of high power electromagnetic waves, it heats the skin in depth, thus contracting the collagen and elastin fibres. Under this stimulation, they produce new ones. The quality of the skin is thus improved and it becomes firmer.
Our test and feedback on Cristal Skin by Deleo.

Who is Cristal Skin for?
Skin slackening intensifies from the age of 40. The production of elastin and collagen fibres slows down, the skin becomes thinner and less toned. But this lack of firmness, this relaxed and creased appearance, can also occur after a sudden weight loss or pregnancy.

What areas is it possible to treat?
The practitioner has a specific handpiece depending on the targeted area. Small or medium for the treatment of the face, to enhance the contours and the oval. Medium or large for the arms, the cleavage, the tummy or the thighs.

How does a Cristal Skin session work?
It lasts 20 to 30 minutes. The practitioner applies glycerine to the area, then massages it with the rounded handpiece designed to activate lymphatic drainage, in synergy with the radio frequency. In about 2 minutes, the device heats up the skin to 42°. Since the tool, guided by its hand, is constantly in motion, the sensation is bearable and even rather pleasant. There is no risk of burning. The skin only reddens for a good fifteen minutes before returning to its original colour. At the end of the first session, the lifting effect is immediate, but this result fades in two days, giving an idea of the final result, which will be more and more visible as the sessions progress.

What results can we expect?
Four to six sessions one to three weeks apart are required, followed by a maintenance session every three months to achieve conclusive results. There is no miracle, and of course this involves a fairly substantial budget. The effects of skin tightening are more visible on the face, with a firmer and more toned appearance and a healthy glow. The tummy is smoothed out session after session. As far as the arms are concerned, we can hope to simply smooth the front and on the thighs, reducing cellulite in the process.

What are the benefits?
The treatment has no side effects, respects cellular physiology and tissue and is compatible with all phototypes. It can also delay the need for injections or the temptation to go under the knife.

Any contraindications?
It is not recommended if you are wearing an electronic or mechanical device (except an IUD).

How much does a Cristal Skin session cost?
About 200 euro per session for each area.

Where can I make an appointment?
At the DermoMedicalCenter Paris- 254, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris