The new 360° body contouring concept

Each patient is unique and to offer them the results they want, it is essential to build a customised treatment plan. Thanks to 360 °Body Contouring, it is now possible to provide a personalised solution to our patients who wish to redefi ne their curves without surgery.

What is body contouring?

360º Body Contouring, or body remodelling, is a new approach in the aesthetic medicine fi eld that redefi nes the body contouring treatments in a targeted and balanced manner. This technique may be used at any age and on any areas of the body showing fat deposits and is suitable for men and women. It is a medical procedure that must be supervised by a medical doctor at all times. It is essential to conduct a prior consultation with your doctor to ensure that your patient is aware of all the precautions.

How does this technology work?

360º Body Contouring is based on the CRISTAL Pro® technology, which is a latest generation medical cryolipolysis device. This procedure crystallises the fat cells, that self-destruct with the cold. During treatment the fat deposit iscooled down to -12ºC. The crystallised fat will then be eliminated naturally and permanently during the weeks following the session and be replaced by harmonious curves. This technique is non-invasive and does not require any anaesthesia. The effi – ciency and safety of this technology have been proven through several clinical studies.

What happens during a cristal pro® session?

Your doctor measures the fat tissue thickness using the ultrasound scanner and determines the treatment parameter in order to achieve your goals. He then applies a cryoprotection wipe to the area to be treated. Once the applicators are positioned, the fat crystallisation starts and lasts 40 to 60 minutes on average. All you have to do is lie comfortably and relax, read or listen to music. Once the session is over the doctor will massage the treated area to accelerate the lymphatic process and the elimination of fat cells.

When will I see results?

The results are not immediate because the fat cells are progres-sively eliminated through the lymphatic system. 4 to 6 weeks later you will start noticing some results but will still eliminate over the following months. The fat is crystallised before being permanently eliminated from your body; the results are thus permanent. The onus is on you to take good care of your new fi gure through a balanced diet and regular exercise. The results vary between patients, however one to three CRISTAL Pro® sessions on a given area are usually enough to achieve the de-sired results.

Cryolipolysis may be supplemented by muscle strengthening sessions through electromagnetic induction and a skin slacke-ning treatment using radiofrequencies and shockwaves. This concept is a fi rst in global fi gure management.