Special slimming: a perfect figure

By Thierry Piolatto – Anti-âge Magazine – Avril 2020

There is a growing number of body shaping techniques on the market, which makes it hard to differentiate between them. If you are being treated by a competent medical professional, there are many solutions at your disposal, allowing you to achieve fantastic results. Mesotherapy can help you get rid of cellulite, as can other devices that break up your body’s fat stores. Radiofrequency and focused ultrasounds can fi rm up the skin, making them valuable tools for after weight loss. Cryolipolysis attacks your localised fat stores, low-frequency electromagnetic energy can strengthen your muscles and fight fat, and liposuction is always a popular procedure. But be careful not to aim for the impossible, as you might end up disappointed. Gently does it! These techniques have made great progress over recent years, but they cannot work miracles!