Radio-multifrequency, step 3 of Body-Layering

Innovation against skin sagging: frequency multiplication. 

In Monaco, on Saturday 5th June 2021, at the Grimaldi Forum, DELEO, Creator & Leader in Medical Aesthetics, launched its new revolutionary concept of beauty and body remodelling: Body-Layering®, by adopting a new and “punchy” format, hosted by Juliette Longuet, renowned “digital creative” presenter. The expert doctors invited to the show, all of whom are fans of these new technologies developed by the DELEO company, were able to express themselves in turn about these non-invasive and painless Body-Layering® treatments… presenting an alternative to more serious surgery… A new era in this fi eld and an ultra-efficient and safe doorway to a new generation of treatments aimed at an increasingly young public. Among the experts, Dr. Martine Baspeyras, an aesthetic dermatologist based in Bordeaux, informs us about the causes of skin laxity and the use of radio-multifrequency to counter its effects. 

What causes sagging skin?

Sagging skin is a loss of elasticity of the skin, which, like a tissue that is too large, forms folds; the skin is less toned and large folds of ptosis are formed. The sagging skin is due to the modification of the connective tissue of the skin, i.e. the dermis. This is where the fibroblast, the main cell of the dermis, regulates its environment; this cell constantly manufactures and destroys collagens, elastic tissue and glycosamynoglycans including the famous hyaluronic acid. The fibroblast can slow down its synthesis activity at any age but this production progressively decreases with age. As the skin ages, the dermis changes with poorer quality fibres. The loss of collagen in the skin in adulthood is estimated at 1% per year. The skin can become thinner or, on the contrary, thicker and more rigid in case of prolonged overexposure to the sun (helioderma). The effects of time also affect the underlying tissues (bones, muscles and fatty tissue) In addition to aging, there are the amplifying effects of stress, pathologies, hormonal deficiencies, climatic factors (cold, sun, etc.) and pollution. The face sags, it suffers ptosis with the appearance of jowls, deeper folds, the formation of more and more numerous and marked wrinkles and fi ne lines; the neck wrinkles, with a loss of definition in the line of the oval. The phenomena of skin sagging exist outside of aging during significant weight changes, during dieting and pregnancy. The distended skin has more and more difficulty in returning to its basic state, skin laxity sets in with a real excess of skin, especially if the variations in body volume are repeated. 

What is radio-multifrequency?

The final step in the CRISTAL Body-Layering programme, radio-multifrequency will act on firmness by reducing skin laxity for a firmer skin. Deleo invented radio-multifrequency by combining different frequencies, each of which acts at different depths to guarantee optimal results. Radiofrequency consists of prolonged and controlled heating of the dermis to induce fibroblast stimulation with production of neocollagen and tissue retraction in order to reduce skin slackening. Heating the dermis to 52-55°C stimulates the fibroblasts to create new collagen fibres (collagen reorganisation). The radiofrequency waves penetrate the skin well, regardless of its colour. Radiofrequency is based on the emission of very high frequency electromagnetic waves. These THF waves applied on the skin will create a heating in the subcutaneous tissue around 65°C, and at different depths. This heat in the dermis and hypodermis will cause a retraction of the existing collagen fibres, as well as the production of new collagen. The clinical result is an improvement in skin firmness and tone. The heat emitted by the device will also stimulate the local microcirculation, promoting nutrient exchange between the skin cells and the destruction of certain fat cells in the treated area. The treatment of skin aging and sagging is carried out over time. It requires several sessions in order to achieve optimal results. After each session, the result is more durable.Radiofrequency waves are electromagnetic waves invisible to the human eye. The RF frequency spectrum is between 0.3 MHz and 300 MHz. These electromagnetic waves are generated by an electric current with precise characteristics, transmitted to the tissues, and transformed into heat thanks to the tissue resistance.

The Deleo radiofrequency combines different frequencies, each of which acts at different depths to guarantee optimum efficiency and results. The application of radio-multi-frequency waves on the skin will generate heating in the tissues at different depths. The controlled energy is delivered by 3 to 6 electrodes and targets only and precisely the treated area. The CRISTAL Skin technology allows us to manage the delivered energy through a permanent variation of the polarity. RF current flows are maximised by constant changes in polarity of the electrodes in relation to each other, resulting in a denser and more homogeneous transfer of RF energy in the treated area to ensure an optimal temperature throughout the treatment. The current induces an electro-magnetic wave, without loss, reflection and transmission is guided to the target (impedance). The more water the tissue holds, the better it conducts (low impedance). Thus, the current heats the dermis efficiently and maximally. The immediate effect is the contraction of collagen and in the long term, the remodelling and improvement of skin tension, visible after 3 months. The radio-multifrequency technology, which Deleo is equipped with, offers greater treatment safety, especially on the fragile areas of the face. The treatment is painless and comfortable for the patient, with no social eviction. The thermal diffusion is precise on the surface, which generates maximised results. It requires an investment of time because the heating sessions must be sufficiently prolonged for good collagen stimulation; the current handpieces are lighter, more ergonomic and associated with a shorter heating time, which is much appreciated by the operator; the patient really likes this painless, ”comforting” treatment, which is performed as an outpatient treatment while being progressively effective. The contraindications are mainly implanted electronic devices, progressive dermatological diseases and pregnancy.

For which indications?

Radio-multifrequency is useful to fi ght against loose, wrinkled or relaxed skin. The areas of the body where the skin slackens more easily are :

– The face with loss of the oval, appearance of jowls

– Neck

– Back of the thighs

– Inner arms

– Abdomen

It is also possible to use radiofrequency for people who have undergone cosmetic surgery such as liposuction, which will allow skin retraction in the weeks following the operation. Radiofrequency can also be used as a complement to a treatment against visible and fibrotic cellulite. The protocol of the CRISTAL Body-Layering programme combines radiofrequency with subcutaneous and muscular treatment for overall body firming The RF waves contract the collagen fibres, hence the “imme-diate” result, but the remodelling result is later, visible after 3 to 6 months. It is therefore necessary to learn patience; it is also necessary to know how to repeat the sessions and combine the treatments to work in different ways and on different levels. This painless outpatient treatment for all skin types is a good alternative to more aggressive treatments such as injections or threading, but is often used in combination with these treatments to reinforce them or maintain their results; it is also useful in the prevention of inevitable aging. The result is a good response to the demand for a natural look. 



  • Dermatologist based in Bordeaux
  • Practices aesthetic medicine, cryolipolysis, but also dermatological laser, injections, peels.
  • Graduate in aesthetic dermatology, cosmetology, medical hypnosis, chronobiology.