What is Photobiomodulation ?

Photobiomodulation allows the cytochrome stimulation of mitochondria by photons emitted by LED’s. This process leads to an adenosine triphosphate production that allows cellular renewal. This process stimulates the neocollagen in the skin.  This technology is used to treat a number of pathologies:

  • Post-operative and repair treatments (scars, burns, stretch marks…)
  • Dermatologic treatments (acne…)
  • Aesthetic medical treatments (anti-ageing, alopecia…)

What is MEDISOL Technology?

The highest power LED Lamp on the market

  • Blue: 8 mW/cm² to 64 mW/cm²
  • Yellow: 3 mW/cm² to 11 mW/cm²
  • Red: 6 mW/cm² to 57 mW/cm²
  • Infrared: 2 mW/cm² to 74 mW/cm²

More procedures

  • New pre-recorded procedures
  • Optimized usability: fast & specific treatments
  • Expert mode with advanced pulse programming

Optimized ergonomy

  • Multi-directional rotative system for a perfect positoning
  • New XL LED panels for face and body
  • Lightweight and convenient to use thanks to its articulated arm

Advanced pulsed mode

  • Improves the results of photobiomodulation
  • Increases photon penetration
  • Promotes cellular respiration in the mitochondria


Anti-ageing treatments

Post aesthetic treatments

Scars & Burns

Stretch marks

Acne treatment

Androgenic alopecia

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