What is High Intensity Ultrasound Energy?

The HIFU treatment uses high intensity ultrasound energy with temperatures up to 65-70℃ to heat and destroy unnecessary cells on the face or body for skin reduction, lifting, tightening and wrinkle improvement. Technical process:

  • HIFU Energy emission
  • In depth diffusion of fractional energy
  • Thermocoagulation in the deep structures (dermis and subcutaneous tissue)
  • Gradual collagen production through the healing process over the following months

What is CONTOUR HIFU Technology?

CONTOUR medical process delivers ultrasound of different depth according to the treatment required: • 4,5 mm (muscles or fat according to different areas) • 3mm (deep dermis) • 1,5 mm (epidermis) Indications: • Wrinkle reduction • Face resurfacing • Improve skin elasticity • Pore tightening • Collagen regeneration The CONTOUR advantages: • Pre-recorded procedures • Thermocoagulation precision points • Ergonomic platform • 2 year guarantee


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