What is HIFD Technology ?

DELEO’s scientific Team created and patented the HIFD technology to offer an effective solution against cellulite for patients. It combines 3 technologies:

  • The radiation from the 940 nm diodes is absorbed by the targeted issue and converted into thermal energy to heat fat cells (release of stored triglycerides, decrease in adipocytes) = Fat tissue reduction.
  • The IR thermal energy acts on the dermis and triggers an immediate contraction of the collagen. This action also activates a multiple physiological response (neocollagen, elastin production) = resurfacing
  • The suction stimulates the fibroblast through an automatic stress and stretch out of septas (potentiation of neocollagenesis, loosening of septa, stimulation of lymphatic drainage = cellulite reduction.


Patented Innovation

  • High Intensity Focused Diode 940 nm with 10 levels of adjustable powers
  • Diode networking for a complete coverage of the localized target

Modular aspiration

  • 4 aspiration levels to ensure an effective and comfortable treatment
  • Pre-recorded settings for different indications

Ergonomic applicator

  • Light and morphological, easy to use
  • Pre-recorded procedures

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