Discover CRISTAL Skin 

CRISTAL Skin will improve the skin firmness by reducing its laxity.

Thanks to its radio-multifrequency technology, CRISTAL Skin is the perfect solution for both body and face skin tightening.

Whether it is combined with CRISTAL range treatments or as a standalone, CRISTAL Skin is a key step among your body contouring enhancements activity.

A bold technology for skin firmness

The latest radio-multifrequency generation. As the latest radio-multifrequency technology, CRISTAL Skin allows to overcome traditional radiofrequency disadvantages. In that sense it is non-invasive and non-ablative.

Treatment safety. CRISTAL Skin ensures a safer treatment, especially on the sensitive areas of the face. It is a painfree treatment with no downtime. Moreover, it offers a precise termal diffusion on the surface ultimately maximizing results.

A treatment for both body & face

An extensive applicator range
As to ensure optimised results, CRISTAL Skin comes with three handpieces of different sizes suited to all body areas.

2 different frequency levels for an in-depth treatment
The electromagnetic waves will generate different depth levels of heat in order to treat every type of skin. Although the radio-multifrequency penetrates and warms the skin, it does not overheat the epidermis. As such, it is completely pain & burn free.

Quick, precise and homogeneous heating
This technology allows to reach a temperature of 42°C in less than 2 minutes. The energy is delivered by 3 to 6 electrodes which precisely target the selected area. On the other hand, CRISTAL Skin allows to manage the energy through a permanent polarity variation. Indeed, the radio-multifrequency power flows are maximised by constant polarity variations of the electrodes. This phenomenon leads to a more concentrated and homogeneous radio-multifrequency energy transfer in the targeted area. This will ensure an optimal temperature throughout the treatment.

Ergonomic applicators for greater effectiveness
The applicators rounded design has been conceived to act on the lymphatic drainage through a mechanical massage process. This synergic action coupled with radio-multifrequency maximises the results.

Modular integration with Cristal Pro

CRISTAL Skin can be directly incorporated within CRISTAL Pro package, offering you a 2 in 1 Body Contouring platform: more satisfying results for your patients and less overload in your office.

The CRISTAL Skin technology has a synergic effect with cryolipolysis. It can be combined with radio-multifrequency treatments to obtain optimised results.

As such, CRISTAL Skin sessions can be conducted in addition to medical cryolipolysis CRISTAL Pro treatments to eliminate adipose overload. Indeed, the radio-multifrequency contributes to the destruction of fat cells by thermal effect which allows to tighten the targeted area.


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