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With more than 600 partnerships with doctors around the world and more than 500 000 treatments conducted, the CRISTAL® medical Cryolipolysis device confirms its position as the new market Leader.


  • Safety first  

CRISTAL is the safest body contouring device on the market with 15 control probes. CRISTAL has been developed in accordance with the European medical standards and has been granted the Medical CE mark certified by the British Standards Institute. 

  • The widest range of applicators on the market  

CRISTAL has 8 different applicators that can treat all parts of the body for both men and women:  arms, love handles, abdomen, saddlebags, thighs, knees, chin… 

Every year, the CRISTAL R&D department patents new technologies to offer the most innovative and powerful devices. 

  • Protocols yielding better results  

CRISTAL offers many pre-recorded treatment protocols that have been studied and developed by our committee of medical experts, in accordance with our 2 clinical studies. 

  • Made in France  

CRISTAL is produced by DELEO in France, in the French Riviera region. The DELEO know-how and expertise in the field of medical devices guarantees the most advanced Cryolipolysis technology with the  highest safety and best results for patients. 


How does cryolipolysis work? 


To this day, medical Cryolipolysis is the most effective, non-invasive technique for fat reduction on the market for non-surgical procedures. The principle of CRISTAL is to intensively cool a localized fat mass to a temperature of as low as -9 ° C. At the same time, high pressure suction is applied to the adipocytes to induce ischemia, in order to modify their configuration. This change in cellular state from a normal body temperature (37 ° C) to a very low or even negative temperature, sends a chemical message of apoptosis to the adipocytes. Results are visible after 4 weeks, but the body will continue to eliminate crystallized adipocytes for up to 3 months after the session. 


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The MEDISOL® High Power LED Lamp is a real breakthrough in photobiomodulation and photodynamic therapy. With 4 wavelengths, the MEDISOL® is a versatile platform suitable for a broad range of medical and aesthetic indications: post peeling, lasers + injection, photo-rejuvenation, scars, burns, stretch marks, acne, alopecia… 


  • The highest power LED Lamp on the market 

Blue: 8 mW/cm² to 64 mW/cm² 

Yellow: 3 mW/cm² to 11 mW/cm² 

Red: 6 mW/cm² to 57 mW/cm² 

Infrared: 2 mW/cm² to 74 mW/cm² 


  • More procedures 

New pre-recorded procedures 

Optimized usability: fast & specific treatments 

Expert mode with advanced pulse programming 


  • Optimized ergonomy 

Multi-directional rotative system for a perfect positioning 

New XL LED panels for face and body 

Lightweight and convenient to use thanks to its articulated arm 


  • Advanced pulse mode 

Improves the results of photobiomodulation 

Increases photon penetration 

Promotes cellular respiration in the mitochondria 


How does photobiomodulation work? 

Photobiomodulation causes stimulation of the cytochrome in mitochondria due to the photons emitted by LED’s. This process leads to an adenosine triphosphate production that allows for cellular renewal. This process stimulates the generation of neocollagen in the skin. 


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