Origin Laser, back to the skin origins


Thanks to its “French Glow” treatment, the Origin Laser improves the quality of the skin through deep action to stimulate collagen regeneration. For a smoother, more natural-looking skin. Meeting with Dr. Kabla from Clinique Lutétia.

Interview by Judith Spinoza —1nstant

Clinique Lutetia, what is the principle of the Origin laser? It is a fractional laser with an erbium-doped optical fibre, emitting 1550nm wavelength. It creates several micro-wells with a diameter of 70um using the principle of coagulation through photothermolysis, i.e. heating a specific target very quickly – the fibroblasts of the dermis for example – while limiting the rise in temperature of the dermis.

In layman’s terms? This treatment is an enhanced version of stimulating the body’s own reconstructive functions. The Origin Laser promotes the regeneration of cells and other cellular functions by creating micro-beams in the skin. It is an enhanced version of the stimulation of the body’s own reconstructive functions.

What results can we expect? While erasing the first signs of ageing (reduction of wrinkles and dilated pores, treatment of sagging and skin ageing), this treatment brings a healthy glow, a plumped-up, rejuvenated skin, a clearer complexion, a rested, ” uncreased “, smoothed-out effect and therefore a boosted morale.

It is also an extraordinary treatment for stretch marks and is particularly effective on scars (acne, atrophic, hypertrophic). This laser is also suitable for problems of skin hyperpigmentation on the face, to treat brown spots due to excessive exposure to the sun.

After how many sessions? Between 3 and 5 sessions.

Is this treatment suitable for all skin types and in which cases do you recommend it? Yes, for all skin types with additional reduction for dark skin types (in this case, less energy is preferable).

Should this treatment be combined with specific hygiene and lifestyle measures (creams, diet…)? It is important to protect the skin to ensure the effectiveness of any laser treatment. Sun exposure should be limited at least three weeks prior to the laser treatment. A SPF50 sunscreen is recommended for at least one month after the treatment. Lastly, a healthy diet, controlled alcohol consumption and a decrease in smoking as well as good skin moisturising are recommended.

Named “French Glow”, this treatment highlights French beauty. Can you elaborate? Natural beauty … What the Americans would call the “dishevelled hairstyle”. Just like that. It is a non-invasive technique with noticeable but discreet effects that highlights a simple, effortless elegance, far from the glitz and glamour clichés.

What makes this French laser technology one of the most efficient at the moment? This laser has an extremely small diameter beam (the smallest on the market) … which allows it to target in depth with more intensity while preserving the different layers of skin. The results are visible from the first session: firmer, smoother skin and immediate radiance. These results improve during the course of the treatment.

Why is this laser one of the safest? It is a non-invasive and non-ablative laser that acts deep in the dermis without damaging the surface layer of the skin. The two modes (continuous and point by point) ensure that the thermal relaxation time is observed, which is essential for the preservation of the skin. My results show the importance of this operating principle.