ORIGIN, an innovation in anti-ageing and skin treatments

ORIGIN, an innovation in anti-ageing and skin treatments

By Anti-ageing magazine – June 2019

These days, patients are asking for more and more gentle, no-downtime and quick treatments that they can schedule between two business meetings but as effective as heavier treatments. The 100% French ORIGIN laser now available in our rooms will without doubt fulfil their needs! It is an Erbium Glass laser of a 1550 nm wavelength.

How is it unique

It works deeply into the dermis while protecting the epidermis superficial layer through 70μm micro wells – the finest currently on the market – and direct activation of the fibroblast to stimulate the neocollagenesis. Unlike other lasers (CO2 or Erbium YAG), its water absorption coefficient is lower as it is micro fractioned: downtime and side effects will thus be limited. It can be used on any phototype and at any age.


Issues such as photo regeneration, skin tone, pore reduction and mild to moderate wrinkles become treatable. This laser also enables medical blepharoplasty as well as the treatment of acne and all types of hypertrophic and atrophic scars. ORIGIN also works very well on pigmentary lesions and melasma on the body and on stretch marks. Contra indications

  • Pregnant women
  • Locally cancerous skin lesions
  • Tanned or recently sun-exposed skin

What happens during a session?

Once the treatment area has been disinfected and a topical anaesthetic cream has been applied one hour earlier, we execute one pass with the laser beam on the entire area. A certain number of passes will be executed according to the required treatment. The device is equipped with an expert mode, the on-board electronic technology of which allows you to program the treatment as accurately as possible. The after-treatment is very simple – usually a moderate redness or a little bit of flaky skin for 48 hours. You may notice an oedema for about 48 hours after a treatment on the eyelids. The treatment ends with mesotherapy suitable for the indication and a LED session to reduce the inflammation. We systematically prescribe the use of a sunscreen after such treatment. This protocol is an ideal personalised solution to offer each patient a one-to-one approach. The number of sessions depends on the aetiology and the patient’s downtime requirements: 1 to 6 sessions at 4 weeks intervals. Conclusion With ORIGIN we can now offer a versatile non-ablative laser at our centre, which has undoubtfully a bright future thanks to its personalised protocols. MORPHOLOGICAL AND ANTI-AGE MEDICINE Centre Esthetica 2B – Bastia Dr Vincentelli holds several diplomas in morphological and anti-age medicine and constantly trains in the latest technologies and aesthetic medicine methods. “My pleasure is to help nature in any way that will put a smile on your face.”