Mommy Bloom® Protocol

Mommy Bloom® Protocol

Mommy Bloom® Protocol

14th april 2023 . General

When a woman gives birth, her belly is likely to retain the marks of pregnancy, with stubborn fat stored in the periumbilical region, the separation of the abdominal muscles causing

diastasis, and saggy skin. These natural phenomenas are sometimes difficult to reverse.

The advent of social media has highlighted the side effects experienced by women after pregnancy, one of which is how difficult it is to recover one’s “pre-baby body”. Though this is most often treated by healthcare practitioners, other methods can be used, such as surgery (but it is expensive and requires downtime).

33% of women are facing abdominal diastasis after childbirth.

Introducing Mommy Bloom® protocol

Mommy Bloom® can provide safe and efficent solutions that respect the body and skin of each woman. 

Read Dr. Benatar's article by clicking here


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