DELEO invents Body-Layering®

Anti-Âge Magazine – May 2021 

By combining three cutting-edge technologies, it allows for a global approach. 

Body-Layering® is slowly revolutionising the medical aesthetics industry. By combining three cutting-edge technologies, it allows for a global approach. For the fi rst time, the fi gure can be refi ned, sculpted and toned using non-invasive technologies. With the arrival of the CRISTAL PRO, CRISTAL FIT and CRISTAL SKIN trio, DELEO is helping aesthetic medicine to reach for new horizons.This innovative concept is born from a request made by those who are on the industry’s front line: surgeons. Their profession requires them to study all of the body’s layers, from muscle, to fat, to skin. To help them, cryolipolysis leaders DELEO developed a three-part treatment that acts upon the epidermis, the hypodermis and muscles.In addition to its combination of cutting-edge technologies, the Body-Layering® principle offers a completely personalised approach. 

Since every patient is different, DELEO optimised the treatment by giving the doctor the option of carrying out a comprehensive diagnosis. An algorithm takes into account a number of precise details (age, number of children, medical history, skin quality, etc.), allowing the doctor to make a personalised diagnosis. This way, by studying the different layers of the body, “Body-Layering” allows for a holistic approach and a highly optimised treatment protocol. CRISTAL PRO, a medical cryolipolysis device, eliminates volumes by getting rid of stubborn fat stores (up to 30%) thanks to intense cold. With its handpieces equipped with a special cooling system, the new version gives you the option of treating up to four areas simultaneously. CRISTAL FIT tones the muscles using electromagnetic waves (5 teslas). CRISTAL SKIN strengthens thanks to multi-frequency radio waves and a rapid increase in temperature (42 degrees in 2 minutes).