DELEO have invented CRISTAL Body-Layering®

A comprehensive body-shaping approach that combines cutting-edge technologies.

The CRISTAL Body-Layering® programme is revolutionising the medical aesthetics industry in just three steps. Thanks to its synergic technologies, it offers a comprehensive approach. For the first time, we are able to slim, sculpt and firm up the figure using non-invasive techniques.

CRISTAL Body-Layering® is a comprehensive, non-invasive treatment that targets the 3 LAYERS of the BODY: dermis, hypodermis and muscle. With the CRISTAL Pro®, CRISTAL Fit® and CRISTAL Skin® trio, DELEO are helping aesthetic medicine to break new ground. This innovative concept was born from the requirements of those who are on the front line: surgeons. Their profession forces them to analyse all of the layers of the treatment zones, from muscle to fat to skin. Assisting them in this task are DELEO, leaders in medical cryolipolysis, who have developed a three-step treatment that targets the epidermis, hypodermis and muscle. In addition to its combination of cutting-edge technologies, the theory behind the CRISTAL Body-Layering® range is to offer a completely personalised approach. Since every patient is different, DELEO adapt to optimise their treatments by giving the doctor the option of carry-ing out a full diagnosis. An algorithm, developed by taking into account specific data (age, number of children, medical history, skin quality, etc.), allows the doctor to carry out a personalised diagnosis. By studying the different layers of the body, they can adopt a holistic approach and perform an optimised treatment protocol.

The first step uses the CRISTAL Pro®, a medical cryolipolysis device that acts upon the body’s VOLUMES to REFINE the figure by getting rid of stubborn adipocytes (FAT) with intense cold (up to 30% of fatty lumps). With its special handpieces that are equipped with a patented cooling system, the new version of the device can treat up to four different areas at the same time. CRISTAL Pro® has a wide variety of applicators designed for the face and body and adapted to specific areas such as the chin, jowls, knees, ankles, back, arms, calves, abdomen, love handles, saddlebags and thighs (front, back, inner and outer). Fitted with a scanner that allows the practitioner to measure the thickness of the hypodermis before and after treatment, CRISTAL Pro® allows the doctor to enter specific treatment settings for each treatment area. This dynamic, linear probe emits a central frequency of 7.5 MHz and can be used to visualise the different layers of the skin, including the hypodermis, as well as to measure muscle volume.

The second step, CRISTAL Fit®, uses High Intensity Muscle Stimulation technology to act upon the MUSCLE, with the aim of TONING up the body. The wide and deep-spectrum electromagnetic fields are able to reach various types of muscle. They interact with the motor neurons to trigger intense muscle contractions, similar to real physical exercise: crunches in the abdomen and squats in the buttocks. The technology uses a specific range of frequencies that do not allow the muscles to relax between two consecutive stimulations, which means the muscles are obliged to stay contracted. Unlike voluntary muscle contractions, these forced, intense contractions are not controlled by the brain and are therefore much more efficient. The cells are then activated in order to shape the muscles and tone the figure. The CRISTAL Fit® treatment is completely pain-free. The electromagnetic field induced activates the motor neurons in order to enable the contractions. However, it does not activate the nociceptors, the sensory receptors for pain, unlike electrical stimulation. This way, we can increase the intensity to achieve better results without making the treatment more painful.

The third step, CRISTAL Skin®, is a radio-multifrequency device that FIRMS up the SKIN. The main innovation is its multiple frequencies. By combining different frequencies, each one acting at a different depth, DELEO are able to guarantee optimum efficiency and results. Applying radio-multifrequency waves to the skin heats up the tissues at various depths to maximise the results. The heat generates a tensing effect: when the collagen and elastin are heated up, they contract and move closer together. Thanks to neocollagenesis, new fibres are produced. Thanks to the rapid increase in heat (42 degrees in 2 minutes), CRISTAL Skin® can reduce skin sagging in an optimal way. The controlled energy is delivered by 3 to 6 electrodes and targets the treatment area alone. The CRISTAL Skin® technology allows us to control the energy delivered thanks to a permanent variation in polarity. The flux of RF currents is maximised by the electrodes’ constant polarity changes, which leads to denser and more even RF energy transfer across the treatment area, to guarantee an optimum temperature throughout the course of the treatment. CRISTAL Skin® is a very safe treatment, especially on fragile areas of the face. It is a pain-free and comfortable treatment for the patient (some even fall asleep during the session!) and requires no downtime. The rounded handpieces are specifically designed to activate lymphatic drainage thanks to their mechanical massaging action. Its synergy with the radio-multifrequency maximises the results.

CRISTAL Body-Layering® is a programme that treats the problems encountered in each of the body’s layers (1 – fat, 2 – muscle, 3 – skin) by targeting the three main aspects of a shapely figure: VOLUME, TONICITY and FIRMNESS.

We achieve a slim and toned figure thanks to the synergy between these three machines, which work interdependently. After destroying the fat cells (Step 1), we reshape the figure by toning the muscles (Step 2).

Finally, we tighten up the skin to round off the Body-Layering treatment. Result: a slim and toned figure with fi rm and smooth skin.