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  • The widest range of applicators on the market CRISTAL has 8 different applicators that can treat all parts of the body in men and women. Every year, Deleo’s R&D department patents new technologies to offer you more innovative and powerful devices.
  • Safety first CRISTAL is the safest body contouring device on the market with 15 control probes. CRISTAL has been developed in accordance with European medical standards and has been granted the Medical CE mark.
  • Protocols yielding better results CRISTAL offers many pre-recorded treatment protocols that have been studied and developed by our committee of scientific experts.
  • No consumables, more profitability CRISTAL ensures you a high profitability for a fast development of your activity.
  • Made in France CRISTAL is produced in Saint-Raphaël in the Var region. DELEO’s knowledge and expertise guarantee a high technology, reliable and secure device.