Body contouring 360° Cristal Pro : reshape your body

By Anti-Age Magazine – Number 37

Thanks to the CRISTAL Pro® 360° Body Contouring device, it is now possible to reshape the body completely.

By treating 4 areas simultaneously, you can sculpt an entire part of the body in just one session:

• A flat stomach: simultaneously treating the love handles as well as the upper and lower abdominal regions

• Thinner thighs: treating the inside and outside of both thighs in a single session!

• Redefine your neck: treating the double chin and jawline

This treatment is for you if you are looking for an effective technology to harmonise your shape without surgery and gently remove your unsightly fat folds. CRISTAL Pro® 360 ° body contouring is possible at any age and on all parts of the body, for both women and men.