360° Body contouring: the only all-in-one treatment for a perfect shape.

360° Body contouring: the only all-in-one treatment for a perfect shape.

Anti-ageing Magazine – Number 36 – November 2019

What is body contouring?

360° Body Contouring or body modelling is a new approach of the shape treatment in aesthetic medicine allowing to redesign the body lines in a targeted and harmonious way. It allows for the first time, in the scope of the undertaking of shape, to deal with these components together:

● Fat is removed out by CRISTAL PRO

● Muscles are toned up by CRISTAL FIT

● Skin is tightened by CRISTAL DIAMOND or by a radio frequency treatment.

Consequently, the body is more harmonious and better shaped. Today the combination of Deleo CRISTAL FIT and CRISTAL PRO technologies allows us to destroy concentrated fat accumulation by sculpting a patient’s body where they wish, but also toning up their skin thanks to CRISTAL DIAMOND or with radio frequency sessions.

Step 1 : Fat removal

CRISTAL PRO is built on a physical principle consisting in exposing cells of fat to prolonged cold (between 0 and 12 Celsius ) called cryolipolysis, which triggers fat crystallization and then its extinction (apoptosis) CRISTAL PRO achieves this goal thanks to its ergonomic applicators allowing a homogeneous cooling and an intelligent suction adjustment. Several treatments can be combined in different areas with the 4 applicators.

Step 2 : Muscles toning up

CRISTAL FIT’s technology is built on the use of high-intensity electromagnetic waves that will result in a more important deep muscle contraction than during an intense physical effort. This contraction will not only increase the existing volume of muscle fi bres, but will also create a phenomenon called “muscle hyperplasia” that is to say the creation of new muscles fibres. CRISTAL FIT is a revolution in the fi eld of Body Contouring without surgery. It strengthens and tones the muscles while also increasing muscle mass in muscle mass for those who wish it. The patient can choose one or several body areas they wish to work out or improve.

Step 3 : Skin tightening

In order to improve the result, it will be possible to complete the treatment with a few CRISTAL DIAMOND sessions. A patented technology built on the emission of high-intensity 940 mn focused diodes, which reduce efficiently the “orange peel” appearance and tighten the skin by neocollagenesis stimulation. Each treatment step allows to optimise the result of the other. 360° CRISTAL Body Contouring treatment is the most complete care for those who want the concentrated fat rolls of flesh to disappear, develop their muscles and redraw their body lines but also skin tonicity.

Dr Philippe AZOULAY 

Estetik Centre Paris : https://www.estetikaparis.com/

  • Graduate of the University of Medicine of Paris
  • More than 20 years’ experience in aesthetic medicine
  • Medical trainer.